Rock in Rio Celebrates Its Crowd

07.11.2014 4 YEARS AGO

Rock in Rio Celebrates Its Crowd

The crowd is part of the show


Everyone knows that it takes a great crowd to make a concert successful, and the crowds that gather at Rock in Rio are beyond incredible. They truly make the shows. In fact, on numerous occasions the crowd was the show.

Queen was stunned when their audience became a choir of thousands, as they sang the hit “Love of my Life” at the first Rock in Rio.  James Taylor was so impressed by the sympathy that he composed the song, “Only a Dream in Rio,” inspired by his experience at the festival.  This should give you a good idea of just how special this audience is.

And we’ve always known that. At the debut show in 1985, Rock in Rio became the first festival ever to turn the lights on the crowd. Most modern lighting equipment was directed away from the public.  Nowadays this is common.  Back in the mid-80s it was unprecedented.

Because the crowd has always been such a major part of the show, it was to be expected that audience members would start receiving invites to join their favorite musicians onstage.

In 2011, as she prepared to sing her provocative hit song, “I Kissed a Girl,” Katy Perry brought a crowd-goer onstage.  She even kissed him!  The lucky gentlemen, Julio Salvo, became an instant celebrity.

And how about a kiss from Jon Bon Jovi?  Astonished fan, Rosana Guedes, had this experience at Rock in Rio 2013.  During the show, Rosana was pulled onstage from a crowd of thousands.  She was even more shocked when the singer kissed her.  After that, Ms. Guedes was the hot topic in the local press and on social media.

Again in 2013, this time at Bruce Springsteen’s show, a group of five audience members were brought onstage.  “The Boss” invited the group up to help him sing “Dancing in the Dark.” One of these lucky fans even got the chance to play guitar with his idol.

Now do you believe us when we say that at Rock in Rio, the crowd is part of show?