Rock in Rio USA in the rank of the best of Vegas

03.08.2015 4 YEARS AGO

Rock in Rio USA in the rank of the best of Vegas

Festival was recognized by the creation of the City of Rock


Time to share good news. After two months of a beautiful debut, one of the best publications of Vegas launches its Special Edition with the best of what the city has to offer. And you know what? You will find Rock in Rio there.The ‘Best of the City’ edition of Vegas Seven, reminds the incredible click of Erik Kabik during the concert of Rise Against with Tim McIlrath virtually floating toward the audience.[Rise Against at Rock in Rio. Photo by Erik Kabik.]But there is another prize that we are proud to receive. The Rock City was recognized for giving life to an area that spent time without being used. To intervene positively in the life of the community is a feature of the festival and this award shows that we are only at the beginning of a right way.And when we come back in the future, we can say that we have a house in Vegas. And it is in the Rock City.Everyone is invited.