Rock in Rio went to Lisbon (for the 7th time)!

02.08.2016 3 YEARS AGO

Rock in Rio went to Lisbon (for the 7th time)!


Rock in Rio Lisbon has brought to Portugal once again all the magic that only the world’s biggest music festival has. In turn, Portuguese people have contributed with the passion and energy of those who could not wait to see Queen + Adam Lambert, Bruce Springsteen, Fergie, Stereophonics, Xutos & Pontapés, Mika and many other artists.

The first day showed to be an impressive start, 67,000 people visited the City of Rock in Bela Vista Park. On a beautiful sunny afternoon, Vodafone Stage was the first destination of those who came with performances of The Sunflowers, Keep Razors Sharp and Black Lips. A tour across the EDP Rock Street with shows of Brazilian musicians Serjão Loroza and Mart’nália, and then a run to the Main Stage! Stereophonics made a memorable show, those who were not yet a fan, have become. Xutos & Pontapés, a very famous rock group in Portugal, played the good old rock ‘n’ roll to rock the Portuguese fans, who applauded a lot. When Bruce Springsteen took the stage, the crowd went wild! It is not by chance that the guy is the Boss, 66 years old with the same energy as he was taking the stage for the first time. The show cleansed the soul of the crowd, which did not stop singing and shouting for a minute. To close the night, Mano Le Tough just went for it on the EDM Stage.

Day 20 brought the warmth we have in Rio de Janeiro, but was Lisbon that got really hot. Vodafone Stage received Pista, Sensible Soccers and Boogarins, a Brazilian rock band. The surprise attraction on EDP Rock Street was Electric Pyramid, a band which was announced during that week. On Main Stage, Rock in Rio – The Musical, first attraction of the stage every day, was an exciting tour of the 31 years of Rock in Rio, since the historic edition of 1985. Fergie’s show put everyone to dance and sing with a setlist full of hits of her solo career and when she was vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas. While Mika charmed the audience with his incredible voice. The moon emerged from behind the stage and already announced: Queen + Adam Lambert are coming. And they indeed came, trampling everything! The show was stirring and full of energy, as only one of the greatest rock bands in the world can do. Almost impossible to find dry eyes during Love of My Life, and faces without smiles during Bohemian Rhapsody. After that, who still had the strength, enjoyed the EDM Stage crowded with Carl Cox’s amazing show.

The second weekend began with the day of distorted guitars, long hair and tattoos. The “Metal Day” had Cave Story, Glockenwise and Metz on Vodafone Stage. The stunning sound on the Main Stage began with Rival Sons, who made a great show! Korn unfortunately left the stage after a short show and some problems in the band’s equipment. Luckily, Hollywood Vampires was ready to make a show with their legendary artists on stage, and set fire to the audience with unforgettable classic songs of rock ‘n’ roll.

Day 28 was the most crowded of the 2016 festival’s edition. 85 thousand people visited the City of Rock to sing along with D. A. M. A, Ivete Sangalo and Maroon 5 on the Main Stage. Of course, before that Vodafone Stage was packed with the musical sensations of Mighty Sands, Capitão Fausto and Real Estate.

The energy that these 85 thousand people brought … It seemed that the whole Portugal was at Rock in Rio! People enchanted with D.A.M.A, overcome with Ivete Sangalo’s joy or madly in love with Maroon 5 were the most common feelings seen.

The last day of the 2016 edition began with the news that Ariana Grande’s show was canceled by the singer for health reasons. Despite the regret of the fans, we do not play with one’s health, and who would be sad for the chance to see again the show of queen Ivete, the Brazilian singer much beloved in Portugal?

Vodafone Stage was beautiful, with shows of Isaura, B Fachada and Hinds, and when the night came the crowd began to gather in front of the Main Stage. The first concert of the evening was of Charlie Puth, who showed to be an amazing artist despite his young age. Thrilled, Charlie cried on stage and honored Ariana Grande, wishing improvements to the singer.

Ivete showed to be an amazing substitute, making an even better performance than the previous night, if that is possible.

The festival ended with Avicii, who announced his retirement later this year, but said goodbye to Rock in Rio Lisbon with a memorable performance.

Thanks, Lisbon! The 2016 edition was AWESOME! \,,/