Rock Street -Rock Street -

A cultural melting pot in the middle of the City of Rock. Discover Rock Street!


And the contagious rhythm of Irish dance.

On this street, you can partake in the London pub atmosphere and listen traditional British music.

And a Beefeater from the Royal bodyguard will of course be here too.

You cannot keep still to the sounds of Stone the Beatles, a band that’s a fixture on UK Streets.


Or want to move while watching the capoeria (Brazilian dance-fight) performance.

It is impossible not to dance with the popular Brazilian music.

And discover Baião royalty, as jazz music is played by Chiquinho Chagas.

You will discover a whole unique new sound with BossaCucaNova.


And vibe with the Street Dance battles that take place on the corner.

Street musicians are versatile, especially those here.

On this street, magical things can happen and only visitors are able to see them.