The Fan at the Festival – Paula “Het” Menchichi

11.11.2015 4 YEARS AGO

The Fan at the Festival – Paula “Het” Menchichi

Fan’s 36th Metallica Show While 35 Weeks Pregnant


Everybody’s got a story, and Rock in Rio is full of people with stories that have literally brought tears to our eyes. Most of those stories involve the relationship between fans and their favorite artists, but this one is a little different.

We introduce Paula “Het” Menchichi, who captivated us with her own special story. Not only did she make the trip from São Paulo to Rio to see her favorite band, Metallica, perform at Rock in Rio, but she also brought someone special with her. Here’s her story.

I have been a Metallica fan since 1993, and love them unconditionally! The news that they would perform at this Rock in Rio festival came the same week that I found out I was pregnant… Since then, it was months hoping of everything goes all right in order to accomplish this dream: taking my Mariana for her to enjoy the wonderful vibe of Rock in Rio + Metallica!

Créditos: Paula Menchichi

The week of the concert has come. The pregnancy was quiet, I’m 35 weeks along (or 8 months, lol) and we won the drawing by the fan club to watch Metallica from backstage! With the okay from the doctors, lots of friends calling me crazy (but also with many friends supporting us), we got on the road from São Paulo to Rio. It was an amazing experience to see my 36th Metallica concert, onstage alongside great friends, my husband, and with my little girl in the oven! I have no words to express how important this was to me…

Créditos: Paula Menchichi

Her first show will be a beautiful story to tell her and to remember! Metallica is family, love, and a lifestyle!! Thanks, Rock in Rio, for providing such an amazing experience. \,,/

Paula “Het” Menchichi
São Paulo – Brazil

Mariana, we’re hoping that you read this post in the future. And when that day comes, we hope you realize how special your parents are, and how special this experience was for all three of you. We’re glad we were there for it. And just as they waited nine months to meet you, we’ll wait as long as it takes to see you in the City of Rock. See you soon.