The first day of the next 30 years

04.11.2015 4 YEARS AGO

The first day of the next 30 years

The anniversary of Rock in Rio, back in its hometown of Rio de Janeiro


This year is pretty special for us at Rock in Rio. 2015 marks our 30th anniversary. That’s three full decades of bringing music to as many people as we possibly can.

It’s that dedication that has taken us around the world. It’s taken us to Madrid, Lisbon, and this year it took us to Las Vegas. But celebrating the festival in the city that gave birth to our dream is what made this anniversary just a little more special for us.

We hosted more than 595 thousand people here in Rio de Janeiro for seven days of festivities. Check out a little of what happened in Brazil.

Pictures of the event.

Video? Oh, yeah.

There’s nothing better than a year like this to recharge our batteries, because the next 30 years of Rock in Rio are just now beginning.