The Rock in Rio Wristband: Your Musical Passport

29.04.2015 4 YEARS AGO

The Rock in Rio Wristband: Your Musical Passport

Come and go at Rock in Rio USA with your premium festival wristband


It won’t be long before the inaugural Rock In Rio USA kicks off in full force! But before you enter the City of Rock, you must learn how to use your wristband. First and foremost, it is your ticket – your passport that allows you to enter and exit the City of Rock. (You’ll also be able to leave and re-enter once a day, in case you’re craving a little excursion on the Strip before Metallica starts playing.)

Once you put your wristband on, you cannot remove it… EVER AGAIN. Just kidding, you can remove it after the festival is over, but not before then! Your wristband is water and heat-resistant, so you can party in the pool, sunbathe, and take a shower without worrying about causing damage to your wristband.

Don’t forget to create your cashless account before heading to Vegas. Stay a step ahead of the game by creating your Rock Cash account online, the only currency accepted at the City of Rock, to avoid lines on festival grounds. Your wristband and cashless account are 100% safe, and you won’t have to worry about carrying around a wallet or cash falling out of your pockets. One last thing! Ensure you place your wristband on your right wrist.

To learn more about cashless payment, click here. And remember: we’re almost there! Rock in Rio USA will take place on May 8 & 9 (Rock Weekend) and May 15 & 16 (Pop Weekend) in Las Vegas. Purchase tickets here.