Rio de Janeiro beyond the Wonderful City

30.04.2015 4 YEARS AGO

Rio de Janeiro beyond the Wonderful City



Few cities in the world combine so many attractions as Rio de Janeiro. It is not by chance that it is known as the “Wonderful City” for an impeccable list of natural beauties, perfect scenario for its cultural effervescence – and for your vacations. However, this city is just the gateway to Much + Rio. In few hours, you will see desert beaches, mountain landscapes and dive in the Brazilian history. Follow the clues:

Two hours travel separate you from the 365 islands of a paradise called Angra dos Reis. But no rush. Boats offer long cruises through the archipelago.

Take a deep breath because Teresópolis will take your breath with tracks, waterfalls and beautiful mountain landscapes 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro.

Combine the blue of the sea with the green of the Atlantic Forest, add the historic wealth of the XVII to the XIX century and a literacy festival internationally known. This is Paraty and you just need a little more than 3 hours to get there.

More than 20 beaches to choose among boat cruises, scuba diving, fishing, ecologic trekking, surf and an intense nightlife that pleases all styles. So is the enthralling Armação dos Búzios, which conquered the heart of the actress Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s. The city, distant only 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro City, attracts also adepts of paragliding and many tourists from all over the world. That is why Búzios is often called “the Brazilian Saint-Tropez”.

These are the first clues that separate your suitcases from Brazil. Much + Rio expects you’re here and in this website.